Our Mission

Bar-Ops Management, Consultation & Training Services caters to restaurants and bars looking to improve and add another dimension to their bar program. Our main goal is to improve the overall reputation & offerings, generate traffic flow and increase sales.

We offer a variety of management and consultation services designed to meet the establishments specific needs. 

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Chris Natale

Founder & President


​Chris Natale started in the bar industry, as a bartender in the 80's. His passion and thirst for bartending propelled him to become one of the most skilled and knowledgeable bartenders in the industry and always aware of the next trend. 

In 1996 Chris founded Absolute Bartending Institute, offering bartending courses catering to novice and experienced bartenders. The training program was created from the ground up to surpass all other bartending schools and to truly prepare students to become qualified bartenders upon graduation. The Institute was rated as one of the best bartending schools in North America for development and reputation.

In 1998 Chris expanded the institute to include one of the first true bar catering companies with a selection of services making Absolute Bar Catering Service unique.

In 1999 Chris again expanded to be one of the first bar consulting companies, which focused on improving bar staff and bar program. 

​Chris Natale has trained and developed over 5000 bartenders, with many rising to the top of the bartending profession. He has also owned and operated various bars in Montreal and has been a General Manager and Beverage Director for many quality establishments which includes some of the top bars, lounges, restaurants and hotels, making Chris a complete bar & beverage professional.

In 2017, he and some of the top Montreal bartenders have gotten together to create the "Montreal Cocktail", which are prominent in many top cocktail establishments and has received many accolades. 

Chris still bartends today​ as his passion for the business and his philosophy of "Service First, Quality Always" is very evident.​

Again in 2018 Chris Natale opened BAR-OPS Management & Consulting Company, offering vital and beneficial services to restaurants and bars wanting and often needing to improve their bar program.

Fred Lafontaine

Bartender Instructor

Fred Lafontaine chose the bartender life in 2010 and never looked back. In his first three years working at La Distillerie, he quickly became part of the training staff for the newcomers.

Over the years, he specialized in cocktail history, setting up recurring events called Les Soirées Savoir Boire where he would teach about the history of classic cocktails and spirits.

In 2014, he represented Canada in the Bols Around The World cocktail competition in Amsterdam where he won the public's choice award.

Mastering technique, speed and efficiency, he has consistently been one of the top contenders of the Drunken Masters speed bartending competition.

Throughout his many years working in different venues, in bars and restaurants alike, he has been praised for his knowledge and teaching abilities.