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Bar-Ops offers a complete selection of Management, Consultation, Staff Training, team Building/Moral Boosting events and also Bar-Ops Complete Bartending Courses


The Management, Consultation, Staff Training service caters to bars, restaurants and any other business with a liquor permit. With the focus on improving the bar operation and efficiency, lowering costs, increasing sales and improving service.

Our Team Building event caters to any and all who are interested. With growing interest and need to maintain a happy and healthy work environment, we have created a unique, fun and interactive approach to team building / moral boosting events. Designed for any business, family gatherings & friends. Known as our Spirit Reviver events, our packages are offered both live and virtual. 

The Bar-Ops Bartending course, is designed for anyone interested in becoming a complete bartender and for experienced bartenders wanting to go to another level. With over 5000 bartenders trained and a solid reputation, we are your best option.

Management Services


The Bar Management Service is designed to assist the establishment in maximizing the bar potential on a regular and long term basis. Bar-Ops unique service is designed to benefit the establishment while raising the bar program to another level. We offer two unique bar services, designed to meet your financial means.

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Bar Stools
Bar Stools
Win-Win Management Service


This is our signature all in management service. Designed to eliminate all risk to you while providing all our services. Having your own professional Beverage Director on a regular and continuous basis without the burden of the salary is definitely a Win-Win.

Call or email us to set up an appointment

Fixed Management Service


Get the full management service of an experienced Beverage Director who oversees the entire bar operation at a fraction of the cost.

Call or email us to set up an appointment

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Consultation Services


The Bar Consultation Service is designed to meet the establishments specific needs. Call Bar-Ops, experienced professional to maximize your needs.

Cafe Work
Analysis Report


Bar-Ops performs a complete seven category analysis with over 30 points. Followed by an action plan which is presented to our client in order to achieve maximum results

Bar Interior
Bar Ergonomics


A proper bar set up, which is based on numerous factors, plays a key role in providing an efficient and quick service. Do not underestimate the importance of a well thought out bar set up.

Martinis on the Bar
Bar Training


Bar-Ops offers a variety of training programs dedicated to improving the skills and knowledge of your staff in order to better serve your valued guests. We trained and developed more bartenders than anyone else.

Preparing Cocktails
Signature Cocktails


The cocktail culture has grown rapidly. From Speakeasy bars, to Lounges, Hotels and now in Restaurants. Being able to offer and execute quality cocktails is no longer a luxury, it is necessary.

Menu Design


A properly designed menu is a vital tool for any F&B establishment. It is designed to entice, promote and increase sales. A properly designed menu conveys the establishments vibe and fits perfectly with the concept.

Pub Shelves
Inventory System Set-Up


A proper inventory system is essential to the survival of any F&B establishment. Inventory systems comes in many forms, from basic to extremely detailed, from labor intensive to third party assistance. Bar-Ops has the experience and the resources to set-up and implement the right inventory system for your F&B establishment

black and white alcohol bar barkeeper
Secret Shopper


Getting a professional third party observation on staff behavior, guest service standards, quality of food and drink, cleanliness, etc, can only benefit the establishment. A proper report will point out what works and what needs improvement. Consider this service as your regular scheduled preventive maintenance.

Monitoring Service


After the completion of select services, we provide free follow up to ensure the services provided are in effect and applied properly.

Because we take pride in our work.

Spirit Revival Team Building

Our Spirit Revival event features a list of exciting, interactive, fun packages. Designed to increase moral, strengthen team building and escape from the daily grind.

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Spirit Reviver

Team Building / Moral Boosting Events


Dear Employer of the Year, 

Now that I have your attention. Spirit Reviver offers team building, moral boosting events which is guaranteed to satisfy. We offer various packages and all with flexible pricing. Our events can be virtual on in person. 

Our unique, exciting, one-of-a-kind events definitely hits the mark. Choose from five packages and we will adapt it to suit your needs.

  • Every event has a unique hidden interactive component

  • Participation beyond the cocktail aspect is guaranteed

  • All kits can be upgraded to meet your needs

  • Mocktail (non-alcohol) packages also available

  • Virtual events can be set up on our own Zoom Media account.

Happy Gift Box
Mystery Box Challenge

This is all about thinking on your feet. We will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed. 

Objective: To create an original cocktail using only the ingredients provided while overcoming obstacles.

Making Cocktails
The Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms.

learn the classics and let us inspire you.

Objective: To create a personalized cocktail based on a short list of classics.

Explore your options with a well stocked box of awesomeness.

True Classic

Knowledge is power. Learn the classics and impress your favorite bartender.

Objective: To make the perfect, true classic cocktails. Preparing the classics is only the beginning, be ready to get posterized.

Happy Hour
Happy Hour

It's all about leaving work behind, socializing and living in the moment. 

Objective: Create a truly personalized cocktail to capture your "Happy Hour" spirit. This is all about sharing and caring.

Serving Whiskey
Flight School

Experience the same thing, only different.

People who know their spirits are explorers. 

Objective: Get to know the differences between the whiskies or gins or Tequilas or Amari, or any other spirits.

Cocktail making
More to Come

Thinking outside the box is more important then ever.

Objective: To create unique packages and options while stimulation your willingness to foster a happy work place.

Bartending Courses

"Service First, Quality Always"

Designed for anyone wanting to learn bartending and for experienced bartenders wanting to go to the next level. This is a progressive course, where every session we take you further. We go beyond skills and knowledge. With over 5000 bartenders trained our reputation for development and industry readiness is solid.

Upcoming Sessions

Mondays & Tuesdays (for 4 weeks)

Start Dates: March 4, 2024

                    April 8, 2024

                    May 6, 2024

Time: 6pm - 9pm

Place: Alibi Lounge

          422 Main road

          Hudson, Qc. J0P1H0

Cost: $478.37 +tax = $550.00

Sundays (for 4 weeks)

Start Dates: March 3, 2024

                    April 7, 2024

                    May 5, 2024

Time: 1pm - 7pm

Place: Alibi Lounge

          422 Main road

          Hudson, Qc. J0P1H0

Cost: $478.37 +tax = $550.00

Upon registering a deposit of $150 will be taken with the balance to be paid upon starting the selected course

Please go to the BOOKING page to select and register

For more details call or email us:


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