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Frequently Asked Questions


We at Bar-Ops hope to answer your questions as accurately and as efficiently as possible. For more info please contact us by phone, text or email.

 01  How can a family owned restaurant afford to use your Management Service?

Bar-Ops knowledge and skill for both front and back of house is unmatched. We understand completely the need to manage expenses and control costs. Bar-Ops offers two Management options designed to meet establishment needs while staying within your budget.



 02  I have a few restaurants and would like to "raise the bar" to the same level as my food, what's my option?

​The Bar-Ops Beverage Director service might be just what you need. Being able to influence additional sales and lower cost is the objective. Many tasks, procedures, standards, creativity, and media exposure need to be tackled in order to achieve the objectives. With Bar-Ops Beverage Director Program, you get full commitment at a fraction of the cost.

 03  I have a specific request that is not offered in your consultation program, can you still help? 

If your request concerns the bar, we will make it happen. Call us and let our bar knowledge work for you.


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