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Taking Advantage of the Slow Season

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Don't just survive the slow season, thrive through it.

Most bars and restaurants must deal with the slow season. For many, the slow season is the dead of winter, with the deep cold, heavy winds and endless snow. For others it can be the hot summers where people prefer outdoor events and venues or they migrate to the cottage. Plus, the endless summer activities do nothing to help your business. Whatever the situation, action is needed.

The slow season provides bar and restaurant operators the opportunity to improve their business. There are a few vital things you can do during the slow season.

1) The slow season is the perfect time to take an in depth look at the business and evaluate its performance, determine what worked well and what needs improvement. What can be added and what needs to be deleted. For example, what food menu items need improvements, is the bar being used to its maximum potential, performing staff evaluations, reviewing all promotions to determine what worked and what didn’t, understanding how the business compares to its competition, etc. Keep notes on all actions taken and use them and update them with every slow season to come.

2) The slow season is also the time to tighten your belt and reduce expenses where possible. Reducing labor cost, controlling purchases and knowing your fixed costs will go a long way in helping the business succeed during the slow season.

3) Focusing on social media is vital, necessary and effective. Be creative, announce new specials, promote the launch of a new food or cocktail menu, offer specials, reward loyal customers, use accomplishments and accolades received to help elevate and build your business.

Don’t just survive the slow season, thrive through it. This means you have to change how you normally operate and find additional ways to bring more customers to your place.

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