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TOP 10 List of action to take NOW for post COVID-19

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Amid this pandemic, COVID-19 has paralyzed every restaurant and bar. Small and large businesses, whether they are family owned, or large corporation, all are affected. On a positive note, the pandemic has provided bar and restaurant owners the opportunity to improve their business. After all, in this business you need to be resourceful. Ask yourself if procedures and tasks are properly identified. At Bar-Ops, we are committed to helping restaurants, bars, clubs, reception halls and any other business with a bar.

A TOP 10 List of action to take NOW for post COVID-19

1. Analyze. Take an in-depth look at your business and evaluate its performance. Determine what worked well, what needs to be improved and what needs to be eliminated. For example, which are your top selling items and which are your least selling items? Will you eliminate the least performing items, improve them, or set them up for a special promotion? Perform staff evaluations and determine what they need to improve on. Are procedures and tasks properly identified?

2. Clean up. It’s your business, it’s your baby. Make sure everything is as clean as it could be. Fix the wobbly tables, add a fresh coat of paint, clean out your fridges and storage spaces, etc. 3. Tasks & procedures. Take the time to sit down and identify tasks and procedures for every position, from opening to on-shift to closing procedures. Leave no doubt on what needs to be done and who is responsible for it. If the list has been made, review it and adjust where needed. Your business keeps evolving and growing, and so should the tasks and procedures. 4. Reduce expenses. Most of your expenses are already suspended, but don't forget about your TV cable and internet package. And how about those great suppliers, can they provide you with a discount for the first few months- of operation. Every little bit helps. 5. Staff Input. You put in place a team that works hard for you, knows your business and wants it to succeed. Your staff input is very important; they have ideas and opinions, and they see things from a different perspective. So connect with them through email, text, FaceTime and ask a series of questions with the goal of improving your business for when you re-open. 6. Valued Guests. Most restaurants and bars have a list of their valued guests, which is compiled through reservation info, staff contacts, business card accumulation, surveys, etc., Reach out to your valued guests and wish them well, reinforce proper procedures to fight COVID-19 and let them know that you are also doing everything possible so that you can see their big smiles once the ban is lifted. 7. Social Media. You need to be present. It is necessary and effective. Be creative. For example, show how you are helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 or use accolades received to help promote and build your business or unite with other businesses (respecting social distancing) and create an online challenge. 8. Ask for Help. Many restaurant and bar owners have difficulty asking for help. In general owners and managers tend to do everything themselves, despite their own lack of knowledge. For example, restaurant managers may be extremely skilled with the food aspect but lack the knowledge and skill to operate the bar area to its maximum potential. On the flip side, a bar manager may be lacking the skills to deliver a great food experience. The truth is that it is practically impossible to be an expert in every facet of this industry. Whether your establishment needs help with the kitchen or bar area, system implementation, POS configuration, accounting or training, experts in their fields can help improve the operation of your establishment. So, be honest with yourself and seek the help of experts. They are the ones who can maximize your revenue potential, reduce your expenses and improve the operation of your establishment. 9. Staff Training. Not knowing when restaurants and other businesses will be able to reopen is a major concern. All one can do is prepare for when that day arrives. You have done everything possible to open but you also want to make sure your staff has retained the required knowledge and skill to perform at the maximum level. So plan to retrain and reconfirm your staff’s skills and knowledge. Don’t skip a beat and start strong! 10. Research. This is just a short list of things you can do to prepare for the eventuality of reopening your establishment. For additional ideas, go online and research. It’s amazing to see what you can find. This top 10 List should provide you with a good starting point on improving and getting ready to reopen with confidence. Cheers,

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